The Kahawai Experience

Kahawai also known as sea trout or Australian Salmon

Have  become the game fish sport for thousands of fishos  throughout  Nz

Growing up to 1  meter in length  and 2-3 kg  they prove the ultimate challenge for light gear and fly fisher people from all over the world



Kahawai behaves like the ghosts of our seas. One moment they are there in thousands, encircling you at high speed. Then they collectively decide to disappear. They appear to be sensitive to the noises a diver makes because they will come from hundreds of meters away to investigate. Their counter-shading is so effective that they become invisible long before disappearing out of view as the photo shows.




Spawning around march through to may they find the warmer shallow  waters of the coromandel and firth of Thames the place to be and live in there thousands Feeding in schools  they herd anchovies and small fish into balls that create  feeding Frenzies

Kahawai Schooling  Coromandel  2013

Appropriate tackle is 4-6 mono or braid is even better as the bites are small. As their tremendous fighting ability has earned them a reputation as a top light tackle game fish, especially on salt-water fly (SWF). Having a soft mouth and the ability to leap up to 2m meters out of the water tests the skill of the most experienced trout Anglers

Hunting down  the Schools for anglers has become  2nd nature for the Thames charters team on the purpose-built boat FISH  4 T  And is seen 5-6 days a week  Hunting  through the islands and endless mussel farms  (proving to be the main food source )  In the Firth of Thames

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