Charters - Targeting and catching
SNAPPER every day!

Mussel Farms

Half Day Mussel Farm Boat Fishing Trip 5 - 6 hours  
Times may vary with tides and catch rate.  Your daily limit of 7 snapper per head may bring you home early  Only ten minutes from shore we are in the best fishing ground in New Zealand .Over 40 Hectors of mussel farms A fishos dream come true Try a bit of soft baiting that extra fun for the day



The peoples choice for the table are found in abundance feeding on spat and small mussels The farms proveing to be a huge natural food supply Snapper grow to 3-4 kg and hold there condition  better then anywhere else in New Zealand Why not have a fun day catching and dineing on YOUR  fish of choice

$100.00 per person mussel farm fishing.
$100.00.00 per person bait and rods supplied.  
Approx 5- hours fishing excludeing travel time
Minimum boat charge $600.00 applies (WE will help make up fishing party numbers So if its only you give us a ring

Famillys our specialty free tuition provided for new fisho"s Help for the not so new


Game Fishing

Kahawai. New Zealands fishing at its best.  Light gear are New Zealand latest fishing craze.  So lets go, all 4-6kg rods - reels.  Lets enjoy the day.  Try fly fishing for Kahawai on the Coromandel.

Full day 6 hours - price on request.
All gear supplied 

Trout fishing

Those who are looking for some trout fishing action I am happy to endorse

Andrew Christmas

Stonethrow Fly Fishing Lodge

Scenic Cruises

Coromandel Marine Farm Cruise

This tour is a must to start your Coromandel experience

Lets cruise along the Thames Coast enjoying the magnificent view of the Coromandel Ranges and rugged coastline that make our Peninsula postcard perfect. Visit Te Kouma harbour - Manaia inlet - Deadmans Point Coromandel harbour - Be amazed as huge barges manoeuvre through the Wilson Bay marine farms harvesting mussels for local and export markets.

Island Tour

Today we catch a little History, a little Nature and a lot of relaxation as we travel through the still waters of the Coromandel Harbour, enjoying the serenity as large sea birds soar above searching for food.  We pass through the gap and head for the black rocks, elephant cove and happy jack island.  We will watch sea gulls nesting and nature at its best as gannets dive from great heights into the water to feed off the unsuspecting sea life.  Marine farms cover a large area of the sea, so sea and bird life are abundant.  A tour not to be missed.


Cancellation Policy

Cancllation fee of 50% applys

Prices are subject to change without notice and are listed in NZ dollars including 15% G.S.T.